Get The Wrinkle Free Skin With The All New Aging Products

Whenever anyone thinks about aging, the first thing that comes in mind is wrinkles and lines. Nobody likes having wrinkles on their face, but for women it is more than that. As soon as they start aging their face becomes dull and they lose their beauty. However, there are number of treatments through which you can get your glow back. These days many prefer anti aging creams, as they are affordable and give better results. Varieties of creams are available in the market that you can have.

Story of Christie aging product 

Almost all the celebrities use anti aging product, but some time before the supermodel Christie Brinkley was in news. The real reason was her skin; it was looking so young and fresh that everyone wanted to know the secret behind it. Along with the skin, the actress maintained herself so well at the age of 61 that no was able to identify her. After much awaited twists and turns the actress finally revealed the secret. She told that she is using some anti aging cosmetic products that were suggested by a famous skin specialist.

The time she told this, women got mad and they rushed to the super stores in search of the Christie Brinkley anti aging wrinkle cream.  Within no time the stock was over and the results were mind blowing. The actress not only launched the cream, but she experimented with some other products also. It includes a night cream, under eye toner, face gel, cleansing moisturizer and many more.

The main product

The main product of the Christie was the anti wrinkle day cream Recapture 360 + IR defense. It helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin which makes your skin glowing and moist. It helps in rebuilding the collagen cells which reduces the aging signs. It makes your skin smoother and firmer which reduces dark spots from your skin. The cream contains bio-copper complex that protects your face from ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays. Some other important ingredients of cream are K Vita C, Elix-IR, Mitostime, Aquaxyl, Essenskin, PhormistimG, Neodermyl, Vederine and Systenol A. When all these ingredients together are used; they protect your skin from any type of damage and from other environmental stress as well. The cream also act as a moisturizer and helps in increasing the collagen production.

Other important products that Christie used and launched

Daily exfoliating facial polish: This is a facial scrub that helps in removing dead skin cells; with its regular use your skin will look fresh and bright. It is a creamy exfoliator that stimulates the skin and provides radiant complexion.

Cleansing facial wash: As the name suggests it is a face wash that can be used for removing the makeup. It helps in balancing your skin tone and gives you fairer skin.

Refocus eye treatment: This treatment is meant for under eye. It helps in removing dark circles from under eye and makes your eye looks more firm, refresh and plump. It smoothes the under eye area and reduces lines and wrinkles.

Night aging treatment: As sleep is important in the same way, your skin needs relaxation. So, with the help of night treatment your skin will look more refresh and it will rejuvenate your skin.

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