Good Dressing Brings Confidence

Meaning of confidence
Literally, confidence means having faith in yourself that you can rely on yourself to do something. It can be walking with confidence, writing with confidence, talking with confidence, etc.
What is good dressing?
For most of us good dressing refers to expensive clothing, but in reality, this is not the case. People would buy expensive branded clothes thinking it would reflect their high confidence. Let us explain it in detail. Moreover, it doesn’t only include clothes rather it means:
1) Neat hairdo
2) Presentable makeup
3) Clean, good colored clothes that suit you
4) Trimmed nails
5) Seasonal shoes
One more important thing in this aspect is that we should not judge ladies on the basis of their dressing as all ladies can be considered good dressed if they fulfill the above requirements.

Does good dressing brings confidence?
Yes, research shows that good dressing does raise the confidence level. Let’s take an example of two students:
1) Student A with good dressing but mediocre preparation of the presentation
2) Student B with worse dressing but thoroughly prepared presentation
When both the students gave a presentation the result would be student A getting more marks than student B because due to good dressing student A was more confident in front of teachers and students. Thus was able to answer every question. Whereas student B felt every eye watching her wrinkled clothes and thus couldn’t answer abruptly.

Role Of Good Dressing In Our Daily Life

In our daily life dressing plays a key role in raising confidence. A wife with good dressing would be able to deal with her daily problems confidently. Husbands always praise a well dressed confident wife.
This theory doesn’t apply to women only but is true for men as well. Good dressing is a priority for people going for an interview. Properly dressed people have more chances of getting a job whereas underdressed ones lack confidence so are not liked by the interviewers.
Children also want their mothers to look confident which is easily possible with good dressing. Politicians all around the world dress properly to gain the confidence of their voters.
If we consider our own self as well, then we wake up early in the morning feeling depressed. But, after we change clothes brush our hair and wear light makeup this can bring back confidence in ourself. We will feel high self-esteem. Good dressing brings confidence in oneself to be more optimistic. A sick person if changes clothes put on light make up brushes his hair would feel better. He would be able to stand up and do some work confidently.
Let’s highlight another study published in the “Journal of experimental social Psychology.” In this journal, a study indicates that doctors that wore white clothes performed better than those who wore street clothes.
The above discussion helps us to conclude that good dressing does bring confidence. It is doubtless that selecting an outfit is choosing a social armor meaning what we wear has an adverse power on others living in society. So let’s promise ourselves to dress properly from now onwards to lead a happy life.

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