Personal Hygiene, Skin & Nail Care

Personal hygiene is an essential part of personal grooming, and personal grooming is of utmost importance for every individual because it seriously has a crucial involvement in making a person’s personality.

The way we present ourselves to others does impact our life and its general priorities. Self-grooming involves many things related to one’s own self, but the major things to focus upon are personal hygiene and skin care which involves overall body skin care and care of hands and feet and their nails.

Skin Care

Skin is the foremost protector of the body as it protects the inner tissues of the body, and it is like a gatekeeper for our body as everything has to cross it to enter into our body. So taking care of skin is much compelling as its damage may lead to other severe damages.

Taking care of the skin entails the need of taking a bath daily and washing the whole body cautiously to remove all dirt and germs from the body to have complete cleanliness. Taking a bath daily cleanses all sort of impurities and defilements and thus providing us with the skin which glows. Taking a shower daily not only improves personal hygiene but it also has a positive effect on our skin. It also elevates confidence level as it allows to get close to other people.

Taking care of personal hygiene is also important as it removes the body odor which is resulted from the lack of personal hygiene and it helps to get into a conversation closely with other people around you as you know that you are well groomed, so there will be no tension of body wickedness. If personal hygiene is not taken proper forethought, it may result in some embarrassment and ridiculous comments in the social circle. People often tend to be away from a person who is contaminated in any sense whether it is in the sense of physical contamination or psychological contamination, so personal hygiene and skin care are essential.

Taking Care of Hands, Feet, and Nails

Besides skin care taking care of hands and feet and nails is also very much important. It becomes more crucial for those who work in a sector which requires hand use frequently e.g. hotels and restaurants. In such cases filthy hands not only could be a cause of health problems for the individual himself but it could also cause severe health problems to other people around them. Food prepared and served with some dirty hands could cause a serious sickness and may result in an endemic.

Besides this issue hands should also be kept clean as our hands speak for us and they are used for starting any conversation. Mostly most of the conversations start with the handshake, and that’s why hands should be kept clean to avoid any sort of embarrassment during or after the handshake.

Clean and well-groomed nails of proper length with good filing are also vital to improve the hands and feet cleanliness and neatness.

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